About SecondChancePA

What is the Second Chance program?

We are an interdisciplinary team of addiction treatment professionals, law enforcement and government officials, advocates and citizens determined to do our part in turning the tables on addiction, relapse and needless death. Emergency, police and other community health stakeholders have joined forces with Blueprints for Addiction Recovery to establish resources in favor of rehabilitation over incarceration, hope over helplessness… life over death.

Why should I seek treatment now?

Addiction is a chronic and progressive condition. Interrupting the vicious cycle with focused therapeutic interventions – particularly at the time of crisis – greatly increases your chance of establishing and maintaining long-term recovery.

What kind of help is available?

We connect participants to addiction treatment, mental health and recovery support services of every type and description, from medically-monitored detoxification through rehabilitation and into self-directed recovery.

Do I need health insurance?

Insurance is immensely beneficial in the treatment service coordination process, however, lack of resources will never exclude a participant from the full and committed support of the SecondChance program.

How long will it take to be placed in treatment?

The assessment and care coordination process begins the moment you elect to participate in SecondChance. In many cases, participants are on their way to appropriate, medically monitored treatment facilities within 1-3 hours of initial contact.

Is there any up front cost?

SecondChancePA is a no-cost care coordination and treatment support program for anyone in need of help. There may be costs associated with treatment itself, however, no financial or clinical determinations will ever be made without consultation and consent of program participants.